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Due to the high penetration of solar photovoltaic plants in most markets, many utilities are demanding certain interconnection studies in order to ensure a friendly integration into the grid. Therefore it is becoming more necessary to develop Interconnection Requirement Studies (IRS) and Grid Impact Studies (GIS) to attest the correct inclusion of the photovoltaic plants within the electrical system.

IS has extensive experience in these type of studies by using the following software tools:

  • PSS/E
  • DigSLENT
  • ETAP


Most markets are demanding specific interconnection requirements, which make necessary incorporating a Power Plant Controller (PPC) within the Photovoltaic Power Plants, in order to properly manage the performance of the plant, balancing between the commitment of fulfilling with the utility requirements, and maximizing the energy sales.

IS area of expertise includes the development of PPC simulation tools. The PPC simulation tool provides enough information to anticipate potential issues during the commissioning stage, quantify the economical impact of implementing certain utility requirements, optimize the solar resource, ascertain the fulfillment of the interconnection requirements, and ensure a correct performance of the involved equipment.

IS has extensive experience in these studies, and in managing several energy sources simultaneously e.g. Photovoltaic Systems, Energy Storage Systems, Diesel and Wind Systems. IS uses Matlab/Simulink software to develop such studies.

Power system harmonics may cause several problems, such as malfunctions of electrical equipment, premature equipment failures and plant shutdowns. Harmonic analysis studies are necessary to analyze the current and voltage harmonic levels.

IS develops Harmonic analysis studies and Flicker analysis studies in order to check if these levels comply with the contractual or international standard limits.

IS area of expertise covers the calculation and verification of photovoltaic structures using finite element method software (SAP 2000, Metal 3D and Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis).

IS has extensive experience in these type of studies in many countries, e.g. Europe (Eurocode), USA (Asce-7), and Central and South America.

  • Energy yield studies
  • Standardization, technical specifications
  • Preliminary engineering, optimization of installed power
  • Technical studies
  • RFP processes evaluation
  • Operation and maintenance assistance
  • Tendering support